About Us

Launched in May 2020, we hand make all our clothes in our studio in Ontario, Canada. Our brand is Renaissance clothing with a modern aesthetic.  We pattern and make four types of corsets, (the Kate, the Claudia, the Marie Antoinette, and the Victoria),  waist cinchers, skirts, cloaks, chemises, tops, and bloomers. We stand by the quality of the clothes we make and hope our customers will enjoy their timeless qualities.

Our mission statement is Form. Fit. Function. Which means we make sizes 3XS - 3XL in order to celebrate the body’s form with garments that fit well and allow our customers to function confidently in their day-to-day activities. 

As a woman led business we believe in employing other women, providing training and resources for future designers and giving back to the local community women's shelters.